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A81S Automatic Heating Intelligent Rapid Welding Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer Splicing Machine With Fully Set
Price RM2,599.00
Product SKU A81S
Brand STPlus

A81S Automatic Fiber Fusion Splicer
- Automatic heating
- Intelligent rapid welding
- No stalling in response operation

5-inch High Resolution Screen
- Welding loss, cutting angle is clear at a glance.
- Free switching between Chinese and English systems (instructions in Chinese and English attached).

7800mAh Large Capacity Lithium Battery
- Pluggable independent battery design
- Built-in lithium battery 11.8V power supply
- External adapter input AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
- External adapter output DC 13.5V/4.81A
- Continuous welding and heating around 250 cores
- Charging time <3.5 hours

3 in 1 Universal Fixture
- Bare fiber of optical cable, Jumper pigtail, Fiber optic cable

18-26 Seconds Rapid Heating
- The heating time can be set and the heating temperature can be adjusted.

Full Configuration
1. The power adapter
2. Power cord
3. 3 port fiber stripper
4. Leather pliers
5. Protractor
6. Tweezers
7. Cooling frame
8. Brush
9. Empty alcohol bottle
10. Blow up a balloon
11. Machine strap
12. Folding bench
13. Optical fiber cleaver cutter
14. Cleaver protective cover
15. Knife adjusting cutter wrench
16. Toolbox
17. Instructions
18. Host (including battery)

*1 Year Local Service Warranty

- Tools such as cutting blades, miller clamps, wire strippers, and fiber optic cleavers, as well as consumable materials like electrodes, are not covered by the warranty.
- Free repairs for damages or charging issues within the warranty period.
- Accidental damage is not covered by the 1 year warranty.

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