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Mini OTDR 64KM/100KM Fiber Optic Reflectometer With 9/12 Functions Touch Screen VFL OLS OPM Event Map & More
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Brand STPlus
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- Simple optical fiber obstacle finder, can find breakpoint, distance, attenuation

- Function can test two display modes of fault point, loss, curve, and list

- Universal ports for different interfaces can be replaced, and the operation is simple and practical

- Stable and strong, the penetration effect is good, 2.5mm SC/FC universal interface

- Models available UPC SC/FC two-port universal interface, dual-wavelength 1310/1550nm



- Models: Dual-wavelength UPC Interface

- 12 in 1 Functions: 4.3inch Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen, Auto OTDR, Expert OTDR, Event Map, Optical Power Meter, Visual Fault Locator, Laser Source, Loss Test Ethernet Cable Distance, RJ45 Length/RJ45 Sequence, RJ45 Tracking, End Face Dection, File Management, System.

- 9 in 1 Functions: OTDR, Event Mapping, Optical Power Meter, Visual Fault Locator, Stable Light Source, Ethernet Cable Distance, Ethernet Cable Tracker, RJ45 Cable Sequence, LED Light

- Working wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm (9-in-1/12-in-1)

- Dynamic range: 22/24dB (9-in-1), 26dB/24dB (12-in1)

- The report can save up to 1800 files (12-in-1)

- Joint type: SC FC two-port universal different interfaces can be replaced, and the operation is simple and practical

- RJ45 Test Function: RJ45 line finding function

- Maximum measurement distance: 64Km (9-in-1), 100Km (12-in-1)

- VFL Working wavelength: 650nm

- Battery: Built-in 4000 lithium battery and USB interface are convenient for power storage, and can use up to 6hrs

- Size: 173mm x 80mm x 37mm (9-in-1)

- Size: 173mm x 45mm x 109mm (12-in-1)


What is the box 9-in-1

- OTDR Host, Adapter, RJ45 Receiver, USB Data Line, The Power Adapter, CD, User Manual Warranty Card Cleaning Cotton, Portable Package, Packing Box


What is the box 12-in-1

- OTDR Host, Adapter + Test report + Instructions + Warranty card + Certification + SC Adapter +

FC Adapter (installed on the machine) + clean cotton + RJ45 receiving instrument + RJ45 remote adapter +

data line + charging head + 8G memory card + portable package + packing box.

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